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Invest in your education to get more time doing what you love! Make the fundamental changes and investments in your business that equip it to thrive in today’s new world of tourism. Companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% higher profit margin versus companies that don’t, and 68% of workers say that training and development is the most important company policy. Jump out of the ordinary and make your business what you’ve always wanted it to be.

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The Adventure Travel Trade Association is fueled by an incredible community of more than 30,000 adventure travel professionals around the world. For decades, the ATTA has drawn subject matter experts for trainings, workshops, and educational sessions — connecting experts with learners is what we do best.


ATTA educators are business leaders who practice what they preach every day in their own businesses. In our adventure travel courses, we provide real-life proven techniques and methods to meet the practical needs of modern adventure travel companies and professionals.

How ATTA Helps Adventure Professionals Learn

Business Management

From startup to established companies, we universally benefit from improving our adventure travel business leadership and management skills.

Guide Training

Guides are vital to the travel industry to support client safety and create memorable traveler experiences. ATTA supports the industry’s guides with guide training and resources.

Safety & Risk Management

Travelers care more about safety and hygiene more than ever. Gain effective safety management using timely tools for today’s problems.

Climate Action

We aim to responsibility to minimize negative impacts and maximize the positive benefits to the environment through meaningful climate action.

Destination Development

Adventure travel relies on the people, regions, and nations we visit. Ensuring communities benefit from tourism and helping destinations recover is core to ATTA’s mission.

COVID-19 Guidelines

We helped the travel industry reach a global consensus on health and safety on adventure and offer free Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines.

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Featured Project

AdventurePro Project in Chile Develops Roadmap for Strategic Improvements

ATTA’s AdventurePro program engages ISO-experts who work with destinations to evaluate local legislation and help adventure tourism become regulated based on global best practices. Standard and certification work can stimulate the local supply chain and activate local stakeholders. The country of Chile recently completed the first phase of the AdventurePro work focusing on stakeholder engagement and developing a roadmap for improving regulations and building capacity in the Adventure Tourism Sector. Below, ATTA’s President Casey Hanisko interviews José Luis Uriarte, SubSecretario de Turismo, Ministerio da Economia, Fomento y Turismo in Chile, and ATTA AdventurePro team Gustavo Timo and Andres Diaz to learn more about the process during such a challenging year for the industry.
Featured News

Timely Online Courses + Professional Membership for Tourism Professionals

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and professionals alike are prioritizing education as a way to survive and thrive amidst an uncertain tourism future. Countries and regions such as Canada, Norway, Jordan, and Auvergne Rhône Alpes region of France have committed resources to support the continued education of local operators and professionals. With business at a standstill, dedicating time and resources to prepare for the moment travelers get back on the road, in the air, and at sea is in full force. Launched this past summer mid pandemic, Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)’s online education courses and Professional Membership option offer travel professionals, guides, students of tourism, and entrepreneurs entering the market a bridge to a community of passionate individuals, industry leaders, and flexible education options.

Featured Research

New ATTA Report Explores the U.S. Adventure Travelers of Color Market Opportunity

After more than seven months of canceled flights, hotel closures, and restricted access to popular destinations worldwide, the adventure travel business received some much-needed good news. The 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic had pretty much brought foreign and even domestic travel to an absolute standstill, but on the horizon is a remarkable opportunity to welcome back much of the business activity the industry has lost as well as a yet untapped customer base. Data from a new study commissioned by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, Flywire, and the Dominican Republic Tourism Board reveals that consumers who identify as people of color represent more than $51 Billion in potential adventure travel revenue. The Diversity in Adventure Travel Report: U.S. Travelers of Color issued in October shows that 36 percent of U.S. outbound adventure travelers were non-white.

Recruiting ExpertsAre you a subject matter expert? ATTA has opportunities for you to share you expertise by becoming an online educator or speaking at our events.