Adventure Travel Business Management

The Business Management Course provides practical business management training specifically designed to address the unique needs of the adventure travel sector. The course provides instruction and hands-on tasks to help participants immediately apply concepts and tactics to their own businesses.

Who Is The Course For?

Adventure Travel Business Management is recommended for company owners, managers and staff, working as ground activity suppliers, tour operators, accommodation providers and travel agents in active-, nature- and culture-based travel.

Jump Into It With Confidence

  • Practical knowledge and expertise.
  • Business models for different types of companies in your adventure travel supply chain and how to effectively leverage partnerships with suppliers, resellers and international trade partners.
  • Create and implement effective business and marketing plans.
  • Create compelling visitor experiences and activities to attract specific market segments.
  • Create effective marketing strategies to drive bookings.

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This track includes

Six courses that provide a deeper dive into specific subjects fundamental to the market preparedness of adventure travel operators. Many of the two-hour training sessions include practical exercises, case studies, and worksheets and templates designed to be completed as learning exercises, but also serve as practical tools that can be applied in business.  

of on-demand videos
9+ hours
hands-on exercises
downloadable resources

Course 1

Business Management Essentials

85 Minutes of Training


In addition to introducing the overall Business Management Course, ‘Management Essentials’ examines the core competencies required to manage successful adventure travel businesses, large and small. This section begins with an overview of global adventure travel demand and supply, and a comparison with other types of tourism. After considering the different business models, participants are introduced to the key concepts of business planning.

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Course 2

Managing Finances, Profit, and Loss

70 Minutes of Training


This section takes a deeper dive into financial business modeling for ground suppliers and provides practical training for analyzing cost and sales structure. A common goal for many adventure travel business owners is to turn a passion for outdoor or cultural activities into a financially sustainable business. How do successful businesses record and manage revenues and costs, how do they determine pricing policy to drive sales, achieve profitability targets and deliver core business goals?

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Course 3

Product Development and Experience Design

146 Minutes of Lecture


Product design in Adventure Tourism begins with an understanding of potential consumers’ needs and desires. This section explores how socioeconomic factors are changing the way people travel for leisure and how these changes are driving innovation. Learn a structured product development approach for designing successful, appealing activities and experiences combined with the most appropriate travel services.

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Course 4

Trade Marketing & Sales

102 Minutes of Lecture


This course outlines the potential benefits of working with trusted international partners such as tour operators and travel agents versus marketing to the end consumer. Explore the different distribution channels available to operators and learn a range of practical techniques to increase sales and develop successful partnerships. Learn key marketing principles and specific tactics and tools that can be used to build solid partnerships.

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Course 5

Safety & Risk Management; An Introduction to ISO 21101

70 Minutes of Lecture


This course explains the level of risk management and minimum safety standards expected by both travelers and trade partners. Industry experts share their learning through case studies and real-life examples to demonstrate the importance of safety planning. Learn a simple-to-follow process to correctly and efficiently identify and mitigate risks from physical injury to reputational challenges for adventure travel businesses.

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Course 6

Building a Sustainable Adventure Travel Business

86 Minutes of Lecture


This course discusses how awareness of global climate change and species extinction, combined with a growing dissatisfaction with mass-market tourism, are causing an increasing number of leisure travelers to demand more environmentally and socially sustainable activities and experiences. Sustainable business practices often lead to more efficient operations, reducing waste, energy consumption and ultimately reducing business costs.

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