Protecting Animals & Nature in Adventure Travel

Protecting animals and nature involved in tourism, and the animals and people indirectly affected by its operation, has become a topic of increasing importance. The unwanted media attention generated by unscrupulous animal interactions and public concern, has caused many tour operators to ditch animal-based activities, whilst others are confused about what they can sell, and what not to sell. Fundamentally, animals and nature are vital to adventure tourism and the destinations we love to visit. Through adopting the right policies and procedures your company can help bring greater value and protection to animals and nature, fulfill your CSR and SDG obligations, and achieve Net Zero.

This course provides a deep-dive into animal- and nature-based tourism, guidance on how to navigate its complexity, and the tools required to mitigate risk, safeguard clients, protect local livelihoods, and ensure best practice. Delivered by the animal protection tourism specialists, ANIMONDIAL, regarded as the leading experts in responsible animal tourism, you could not be in better hands. Through this course, expect to access tools to help you distinguish appropriate animal-based products from inappropriate activity, guidance on how to create your animal protection commitment and engage stakeholders, and impartial advice on how to overcome industry challenges. Everything you need to know to become a leader in animal and nature protection in tourism!

As adventure travel enthusiasts, we already know the importance of nature and what it uniquely brings to many destinations across the world. This course provides you the means to better manage animals in tourism and help to safeguard nature for the future generations. 

Course Instructors

What makes this course different?

  • Expertise delivered from skilled trainers and consultants in the field of animal and biodiversity protection in tourism
  • Capture the big picture and then nail down how to get to work in your own operations through Individual assessment worksheets and globally relevant resources
  • Case studies in adventure tourism and knowledge-building through the lens of non-governmental organizations
  • Guidance to help you address the drivers of both biodiversity loss and climate change, which are driven by the same human activities

Track Overview

Hours of on-demand video
Expert interviews
Hands-on exercises

What you will learn:

  • The costs and benefits of animal-based tourism;
  • The business case for the protection of animals and its importance to planetary health;
  • The importance of animal protection to climate change mitigation and reaching Net Zero;
  • Principles of maintaining animal welfare and methods on how to assess it; 
  • Insight on unsustainable consumption of nature, how to identify it and better manage it;
  • Ability to distinguish high risk animal-based activity and identify responsible alternatives;
  • The means to create, integrate and apply your animal protection commitment;
  • How to communicate effectively with your colleagues, suppliers and customers;
  • Actions that will ensure your company’s fulfillment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and how those are reliant on #13, #14, #15 & #17;
  • The importance of community-led animal protection and how to embrace it.

"As the owner of a wildlife rescue center, I can say this training is very useful for travel companies. The information is complete and clear, very focused on the subject, and the volume is enough. It has given me a lot of 'a-ha moments' such as the product development process laid out step-by-step with details and action plans, which help me to organize the process. This guideline is useful not only to an individual person but the whole team."

Ena Buenfil


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Course 1

Introduction to Protecting Animals and Nature in Adventure Travel

Protecting animals and nature in tourism – promoted as an opportunity to lead, where others follow. Providing an insight into the topic, the related business risk if protective measures are not adopted, and business benefits when actions are taken to better protect animals and nature.

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Course 2

Connecting with Nature

Description: The 2021 Glasgow Declaration: Climate Action in Tourism states that “Restoring nature - and our relationship with it - will be key to our sector’s recovery from the pandemic, as well as its future prosperity and resilience.” Minimising business impact on biodiversity and restoring nature is an ESSENTIAL component in reaching Net Zero. As a part of nature ourselves, we must provide opportunities for travellers to reconnect, understand, appreciate and respect nature as our lifeline for wellbeing, prosperity and survival.

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Course 3

Safeguarding Animal Welfare

Ensuring all animals involved in holiday or vacation offerings / excursions have a life worth living. Where a respect for life on Earth starts with recognising and safeguarding animals’ individual and species-specific welfare needs. This section defines animal welfare, considers methods of animal welfare assessment, and introduces the tools available to help your business protect animals in your supply chain.

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Course 4

Aligning Your Animal Product

Review your activities with animals, ensure high risk is identified and align your product and activities portfolio to your brand and mission. Consider alternatives to ‘stop sale’, positively engage with your partners and suppliers, and, working with local communities, adopt animal-friendly, Nature Positive experiences that protect biodiversity and restore nature.

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Course 5

Protecting Threatened Species

Underpinning biological diversity, efforts must seek to prevent the killing, wild-capture, trade and sale of animal and plant species threatened with extinction, and to better protect endemic fauna and flora. Considers the relevance of unsustainable consumption, such as illegal wildlife trade, to tourism, biodiversity loss, and the required safeguards.

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Course 6

Making your Business a Force for Good

Discover how you can make your travel business a force for good, and align with the global goals to put animal and nature protection at the forefront of the sustainability agenda. During this session you will learn how to set your business sustainability agenda, and ensure it adds value to your business, your customers and investors, as well as the communities and environments you work alongside. You will also find out the value of NGO partnerships and how best to work together for maximum long-term change.

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Course 7

Integrating your Animal Protection Commitment

The final chapter! On learning the principles of the better protection of animals and nature in tourism, this section considers how you can best implement and integrate your learnings throughout the business. Providing you the means to promote your brand as a leader in animal protection.

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This is not a course just for those that have a focus on wildlife, but for any business that operates in any environment where animals can interact with visitors. The course is complete and gave us great insights and tips that we will certainly discuss with the team to include in our operation. We encourage all adventure travel business to take this course as a way to improve our collective responsibility in operations, in the field, and also as a commitment to the planet.

Raffaele Di Biase

Co-Founder & Head Guide, BirdsChile