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2022 Adventure Travel Industry Snapshot


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2022 Adventure Travel Industry Snapshot


For over 15 years, the ATTA has surveyed its growing database of tour operators and produced an annual State of the Industry Snapshot report. In these reports, adventure travel tour operators are invited to share information about their business operations as well as trends they are experiencing with respect to traveler demographics, destinations, and activities.

This year’s survey results show that COVID-19 is still a concern for travelers and is having an impact on adventure travel businesses, but the industry is generally recovering. The top trending destinations are places with higher vaccination rates, and socially distanced itineraries and activities remain popular.

It is also clear that sustainability is being treated as a priority for the adventure tourism industry, which is not surprising. Last year’s Industry Snapshot report found that 40% of respondents were working toward a sustainability certification, and the number has increased to 45% this year. Maintaining community livelihoods has also increased in importance in the past year, showing a dedication to social and economic sustainability.

Some key findings in this year's report include:

  • On average, trips were 52% full (up from 36% in 2020)
  • The average number of travelers served by respondents was 1,355, a 142% increase from 560 in 2020
  • Staffing in various departments has remained relatively stable over the past year
  • 81% of respondents had some reduction in revenue compared to 2020, but it was much less extreme than the 2019-2020 decrease. 30% had a 2021 gross annual revenue of less than $50,000, down from 45% in 2020.
  • Respondents’ most popular itinerary is priced at $2,900 (for 8 nights), 70% of which ($2,030 on average) is spent with local suppliers
  • The most popular consumer motivations for traveling were new experiences, to go off the beaten track, and to travel like a local
  • The hottest trending destinations were the Mediterranean, Western Europe, the United States, Scandinavia, and the Caribbean
  • Globally, approximately two-thirds (62%) of bookings are made directly with the service provider
  • 62% of respondents have an online reservation system that takes credit cards, up from 50% in previous years
  • Globally, 82% of respondents expect their 2022 net profit to be equal to or better than 2021
    73% of respondents are seeing an improvement in domestic travel demand for 2022
    62% of respondents are seeing an improvement in international travel demand for 2022

The Industry Snapshot Report offers those working in adventure travel with critical industry benchmarks, and those outside the industry with perspective on the health, outlook, and characteristics of this dynamic environment.