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Diversity in Adventure Travel: U.S. Travelers of Color


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Diversity in Adventure Travel: U.S. Travelers of Color


The “Diversity in Adventure Travel Report: U.S. Travelers of Color” shows that 36 percent of U.S. outbound adventure travelers identify as a non-white race or ethnicity. Collectively, that’s 22 million people of color over the age of 18. The report shows market size opportunities, activity interests and preferences of travelers segmented by the race or ethnicity they most associate with, including Black, Hispanic, Asian, and other non-white Americans. In addition to the data gathered for the report, multiple travel experts identifying with the races and ethnicities represented provide specific insights into the findings and offer recommendations for adventure travel industry leaders and organizations in terms of marketing, product development, and organizational structures.

Key findings include: 

  • There are approximately 22 million U.S. adventure travelers of color, representing $51 Billion in annual revenue.
  • Adventure travelers of color are taking 2.5 trips per year on average, 2 of which are international.
  • Outbound U.S. adventure travelers of color are spending comparable amounts to white adventure travelers from the U.S. overall, but spend more in-destination on things like dining, tours, shopping, entertainment & transportation. 
  • Generally, U.S. adventure travelers of color are willing to try new activities; they like to participate in more than one or two when the occasion arises. Most book their paid group activities prior to arriving at the destination.
  • Social media is the biggest source of inspiration for U.S. adventure travelers of color, followed by travel-specific publications and television.
  • Web-based channels are the preferred way of booking flights and accommodations for U.S. adventure travelers of color. Approximately 30-40% prefer a live/phone interaction.