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Envisioning Sustainable Events


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Envisioning Sustainable Events


One of the main priorities moving into 2023 in the adventure travel industry continues to be recovery from COVID-19, especially as it relates to sustainability.

As part of the continued pandemic recovery, community members are looking to reconnect with each other. Some events in 2020 and 2021 were successfully held virtually. In 2022, interest was renewed for in-person gatherings.

To better understand how adventure travel event components can be made more sustainable, Switzerland Tourism (ST) and the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) partnered with the goal of making ATTA’s annual signatory event, Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS), held in Lugano, Switzerland in 2022 the most sustainable ATWS yet.

This research report is to review the sustainability of and survey results from the 2022 ATWS in Lugano, Switzerland, from the viewpoints of organizers and attendees. The purpose of this study is to develop general guidelines for hosting sustainable events in the adventure travel industry and function as a sustainable event manual on how to minimize emissions through different actions. While the focus is on providing starting points for emissions reductions, also the aspect of emissions compensation is discussed briefly.