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Industry Snapshot 2016


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Industry Snapshot 2016


Each year the ATTA invites adventure businesses to share anonymous information about their companies from the previous fiscal year for the Industry Snapshot report.

The 2016 report will help you discover where adventure travelers across the world are going, how long they’re staying, what they are interested in, and how much they’re spending. We surveyed over 500 tour operators in 82 countries to create a comprehensive look at the adventure travel industry through the eyes of businesses working on the ground.

The 2016 report  contains key findings, such as:

  • Revenue outlook: 70% of adventure tour operators expect their revenue to go up in 2016 and 65% predict their profits will increase.
  • Trip prices: North American firms report the highest per-day trip price at $448.
  • Customer demographics: 50% of adventure travelers are reported to be between the ages of 41 and 60.
  • Changing traveler interest: Customized trips remain high demand, and activities such as cycling and cultural activities topped regional lists.

See where your company stands next to your adventure travel peers.