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Shaping The Future of Adventure and Cultural Travel


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Shaping The Future of Adventure and Cultural Travel


In the adventure travel market, having a complete picture of your traveler lets you shape travel products and marketing messages precisely. In 2019, the ATTA joined with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to perform an in-depth study of adventure and cultural travelers originating in the USA and Australia — two key outbound markets for international travel in general, and particularly for the islands of the Pacific. Working with research partner Twenty31, a total of 2,514 international outbound travel consumers from the United States (1,239) and Australia (1,275) were surveyed using an online quantitative survey methodology between April 30 and May 17, 2019. The findings offer a detailed picture of the traveler interested in these regions, and useful information on how to best market to and serve travelers from the US and Australia, no matter where your outbound markets might be.