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The New Adventure Traveler


New research conducted by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) in conjunction with researchers from East Carolina University reveals that, more than any other motivating factor, adventure travelers are seeking transformative experiences.

In the past couple years, the term “transformation” has been used to describe what consumers seek from the goods and services they purchase. To delight today’s consumer, nothing short of a transformative experience – one that leaves a lasting change or impression – is required. The push for transformation is expressing itself across industries from health and wellness to fashion, and, yes, even travel.

On the cutting edge of this trend, the ATTA is releasing new relevant research conducted with longtime research collaborator, Dr. Paige Viren, showing the motivations for adventure travelers have changed in recent years. Working in partnership with Outside magazine, Dr. Viren’s research supports what has been under our noses for so long: Yes, adventure travelers crave transformative experiences. In fact, rather than accepting transformation as a happy byproduct of their quest for fun and thrills, adventure travelers are actively motivated by this desire for personal growth and change.