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The State of Adventure Accommodations


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The State of Adventure Accommodations


As the subject of this research report, adventure accommodations shared their current state and their outlook on the upcoming recovery. One thing that became apparent during this process was that adventure accommodations encompass a unique blend of lodging, food and beverage, and activities. This diversity means they face special challenges, especially when it comes to technology.

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has therefore partnered with Flywire, a strong supporter of our industry that focuses on reducing payment costs and improving guest experience, to learn more about what adventure accommodations need at this time and how they fit into the broader adventure travel community.

Selected key findings from the report include:
  • 40% of respondents expect their 2021 room revenue to be similar to or higher than their pre-COVID 2019 revenue.
  • On average, half of all guests do the free and unguided activities offered by an adventure accommodation. Almost half also enjoy the guided activities. However, participation in paid and unguided activities (e.g., where equipment rental is required) is not very popular.
  • Almost half of respondents’ guests book their complete activity itinerary before arriving. The next most popular method is to book on-demand after arrival.
  • To schedule and manage their on-property activities, 39% of adventure accommodations are still using word processing or spreadsheet software. One-third use a specialty software, and 14% still use pencil and paper.

Learn more about ATTA and Flywire’s partnership and how Flywire can help with your payment needs.