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Travel Leaders Companion Survey Digest


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Travel Leaders Companion Survey Digest


This report shares highlights from a survey of adventure tour operators on their perspectives on the role travel agents play in generating adventure trip sales. Completed in late 2018, the survey asked tour operators for information about their businesses, their partnerships with travel agents, their 2018 sales through this channel, a profile of adventure travelers booking through travel agents, and their recommendations for improving adventure trip sales through travel agent partners.

Key findings from the research include:

  • Eighty-seven percent of survey respondents currently work with travel agents to sell their trips.
  • The majority of tour operators say less than 30 percent of their sales come through travel agents.
  • Despite this, 63 percent of tour operators have experienced growth in sales through the agent channel.
  • Tour operators’ greatest motivation for working with agents is that it offers a new sales channel.
  • The top three trip types booked by agents are hiking/walking/trekking tours, cultural tours, and multi-sport excursions.

The Travel Leaders Companion Survey Digest offers adventure tour operators a chance to understand how and why working with travel agents can enhance their businesses. It also highlights the opportunities available for travel agents interested in entering this sector of the tourism industry.