21 June 2023

ATTA Webinar: Enhancing Sustainable Adventure Travel Experiences

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Tourists, tour operators, accommodations, and venues, have been rethinking the travel experience in terms of sustainability. Organizations are aiming to maintain viability from a financial perspective and also from social and ecological points of view. Visitors also want to see multifaceted aspects of sustainability at the forefront of business operations. Members of the adventure travel community are responding by offering experiences that are sustainable and regenerative in addition to being exciting, fun, educational, immersive, or all of these.

This webinar shares findings from fresh research and shines a spotlight on leaders in sustainable travel experiences. While the full research report delivers guidelines and a thorough checklist for blending ecological stewardship, social integrity, and economic vitality into sustainable travel experiences, this webinar will cover:

  • What makes an adventure travel experience “sustainable”
  • Sustainable organizations vs. sustainable products/experiences
  • What priorities travelers have when booking and how do these apply to sustainability
  • Diversity of sustainable experiences (short or long-haul; domestic and international)
  • Guidelines for sustainable travel experience product development

This webinar will be recorded and shared with with those who register. Registration is required.