9 March 2022

ATTA Webinar: Research Insights on Women in Adventure Travel

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As part of the Adventure Travel Trade Association's ongoing efforts to uplift women in leadership, a new study was conducted in January 2022. With fresh findings and a new understanding of the landscape of people who identify as women in the adventure travel sector as well as travelers seeking women-friendly adventures, join this webinar to gain insight into the pathways to success for women.

What will be covered:

  • the roles held by women at adventure travel organizations
  • benefits offered to support work-life balance and encourage leadership development
  • formal mechanisms to address practices of inclusion and gender equality
  • trending demands for travelers that identify as women
  • examples of successful women-focused campaigns
  • recommendations on how to close the gender gap in adventure travel

Webinar Partner


Heather Kelly

Senior Manager, Research, ATTA