9 April 2020

Attempting to Profile the post-COVID-19 traveler

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In a highly insightful webinar presented by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) in collaboration with Digital Tourism Think Tank (DTTT), we analysed the post COVID-19 traveler and examined the probable changes in their behaviour towards post pandemic travel. This webinar was joined by over 100 industry experts who are impacted by the crisis and keen to share their views and perspectives.

The Post COVID-19 Traveler: the focus was put on the following areas:

  • Travel will be different post COVID-19, Virtual is the new real
  • The attitude to hygiene as non-negotiable
  • contactless everything
  • Virtual humans as the new normal
  • Social but without the crowding
  • Care as the new service
  • Value as the base currency

To learn more about these insights - enjoy the recording of the webinar. In case of questions - do not hesitate to reach out to Gergana.


Gergana Nikolova