7 February 2024

ATTA Webinar: Enchanting Korea's Hidden Charms and Outdoor Adventures

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While South Korea may be well known for "K-culture", did you know that 70% of it is mountainous and full of unique, active and cultural experiences? As a peninsula nation with numerous mountains and four distinct seasons, the region boasts forest valleys and waterfalls, hiking paths, ski resorts, swimming holes, local cuisine, and various lodging options from glamping to traditional housing. For a relaxing cultural experience, Buddhist Templestays are unique cultural immersions as well.

Join us for an introduction to Korea's adventure travel opportunities such as its:

  • Unique natural areas such as the "getbol" or Korean tidal flats
  • Seasonal activities such as hiking, trekking, biking, rafting, surfing, skiing
  • Jeju Island's haenyeo culture, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Hanbok and traditional K-food experiences

Are you ready to discover Korea's hidden charms and outdoor adventures? Join the ATTA and Hyojung Lee, Marketing Coordinator at Korea Tourism Organization, for an upcoming webinar and let the enchantment of Korea unfold before your eyes.

Hyojung Lee, who harbored a dream of traveling the world and graduated from high school in Korea, later came to the United States and majored in sociology. Contrary to her major, she worked in the field of fashion following graduation, ran a small business as an Airbnb host after the pandemic, and through interactions with guests from around the world, she gradually discovered that while more people were familiar with Korea compared to the past, and perceptions had improved, there were still many who were familiar with Korea but had never visited the country. She was driven by a desire to promote Korea's diverse and vibrant history, culture, and its beautiful and charming aspects as a travel destination, and this yearning eventually led her to get an opportunity working at the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).