1 June 2022

Meet the Experts: Climate Change & Tourism in the Pacific Islands - What Travel Businesses can do to help?

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2 JUNE 2022 @ 9:00 AM AEDT / 11:00 AM NZT



We know climate change is a reality, and according to the IPCC latest report, smaller islands are increasingly affected and the Pacific Islands are some of the most vulnerable to the phenomenon.

As the latest round of IPCC reports make clear (AR 6, published 2022), dramatic reductions in emissions along with new approaches to planning in order to more strongly incorporate indigenous knowledge, and support for climate innovations, are urgently needed.

Tourism can make a significant contribution in supporting society’s overall transformation. 

In today’s webinar led by our moderator Christina Beckmann, ATTA Vice President and Co-founder of Tomorrow’s Air, we review key results from a new study led by the UNWTO in partnership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association and supported by the group Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, “Global Study of Climate Action in Tourism,” before exploring possibilities for including indigenous and local knowledge in climate adaptation plans. Projects and practical examples of how tourism destinations and businesses can support emissions reduction scenarios and climate innovations will be discussed.

 You will come away with:

  1. Key takeaways from the UNWTO/ ATTA Global Study of Climate Action in Tourism Report 2022
  2. Best practices in carbon emissions, example of travel businesses
  3. Local initiatives in the Pacific Islands to reduce tourism impact in Climate Change
  4. New tools to improve your emission compensation strategy
  5. A new understanding of how to bring indigenous voices to the fore in your climate action planning

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