28 May 2020

MEET THE EXPERTS SERIES: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19

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COVID-19 does not discriminate, and all travel brands and destinations have been impacted massively by the unprecedented global travel shutdown and felt the force of economic and social lockdowns. Euromonitor International's research analysts and analytics teams are monitoring the impact of COVID-19 to better assess the short and long term effects on economic scenarios, product categories, pricing, stock availability and consumer behaviour. In this session of our Meet the Experts series, Caroline Bremner of Euromonitor International will present recent research findings as related to tourism.

Here's what will be covered:

  1. Recovery timelines: when is the industry expected to hit rock bottom?
  2. Major casualties: certain sectors of the travel industry are unlikely to recover.
  3. Sustainability for survival: is the writing on the wall for mega cruises?
  4. Back to start up mentality: revisiting core mission and product offer.
  5. Build back better: the collision of the pandemic with the climate change 2030 agenda creates a once in a lifetime opportunity to build back better

Ms Caroline Bremner

Head of Travel Research
Euromonitor International

Caroline Bremner manages the global content strategy for the travel and tourism industry at Euromonitor International, which she joined in July 1996. Euromonitor International is a world leading market research company with over 40 years of experience.

As a global thought leader, Caroline engages with clients, trade bodies and research partners, working with Analysts across 100 countries to drive strategic insights. She has played an integral role in creating the most extensive travel and tourism intelligence system as used by leading destinations, governments and travel brands around the world.

Caroline received a Celebrating Her Global Award for Empowered Women in Tourism from ITB and the International Institute for Peace through Tourism in 2018.

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