4 December 2019

Neutral Together: Bulk Carbon Offsetting for ATTA Members

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Join this informative webinar to learn the details about the ATTA’s bulk purchase program for carbon offsets, Neutral Together. Developed with the small adventure travel business in mind, Neutral Together will provide participants with a simple carbon measurement calculator and the opportunity to aggregate their emissions with others, thereby driving down per tonne price for the group.

Participants will hear why ATTA chose to partner with South Pole for this new program, the types of offsetting projects available through the program, and the timing and mechanics of how it will work for participants to enter their emissions into the pool and receive a per tonne price based on the group’s emissions volume. Ideas for how to conceptualize Neutral Together within a company’s overall plan for carbon neutrality will be shared along with valuable talking points to help build support for participation with internal stakeholders.

Tune into this 1-hour Webinar to learn details about:

  • The ATTA's carbon emissions measurement calculator,
  • Offsetting projects available through the program, and
  • How you can participate

This webinar will be recorded and shared.

Read about Neutral Together

Main Photo © ATTA / Scott Adams


Christina Beckmann

Senior Director, Strategy + Impact, Adventure Travel Trade Association