25 March 2020

MEET THE EXPERTS SERIES: Animals in Tourism - Identifying and Managing Risk in Your Supply Chain

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With the global travel community in upheaval as we work through the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that educational opportunities for our members, and community, allow us all to look to the future when travelers will return, in force.

Animals in tourism - identifying and managing risk in your supply chain

Animal welfare specialist, Daniel Turner from ANIMONDIAL, considers the importance of reviewing your animal-based activities and experiences, in order to identify and mitigate risk. From viewing wildlife in the wild, to riding a camel, or to visiting a zoo, or the holding of an animal for a photograph, safeguards need to be in place to protect both the people and animals.

We know animal experiences are popular with travelers, but how do we guarantee their health and safety?

Daniel will help us understand the underlying risks - from the potential of physical injury to the transmission of disease. What actions are necessary to identify and measure risk? Moreover, how to work with colleagues, partners and suppliers to mitigate risk, improve standards and deliver experiences that are safe for animals and people.

Tune into this ATTA “Meet-the-Expert” Webinar to learn details about:

  • Animal welfare in tourism and understand related risk
  • How to identify, measure and manage risk in your supply chain
  • Animal welfare auditing of existing product and suppliers
  • Animal-friendly measures that prevent risk

This webinar will be recorded and shared. 

About the Speaker

Daniel Turner is an environmental biologist committed to identifying and delivering solutions to challenges that continue to threaten animals and the natural environment. Experienced in developing and driving policy to protect animal welfare and curb wildlife trafficking, particularly in a tourism context, he is accustomed to working in international, multi-cultural and multi-industry environments. His achievements include co-authoring ABTA's Animal Welfare Guidelines (2013) and leading the largest investigation and evaluation of EU zoos (The EU Zoo Inquiry) before founding Animondial.

ANIMONDIAL is a leading global tourism consultancy specialising in responsible animal tourism. Combining two decades of expertise in applied animal welfare science, sustainable development and corporate engagement, ANIMONDIAL seeks to overcome the challenges faced by tourism and ensure effective animal protection.