7 August 2018

Quantifying the Economic Impact of Adventure Tourism and Paths Forward

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While many tourism boards and international aid agencies are aware of the potential for adventure tourism to have lasting benefits for local communities, wildlife, and environment, many require quantitative data to justify investment in the sector. This webinar showcases a model developed by ATTA partner FHI 360 that quantifies the impact of adventure tourism in terms of jobs and revenues, along with how this might be applied in other countries. Alongside this, case studies from two countries — Jordan and Macedonia — will be shared to present a roadmap for destination development for greatest impact, drawing from ATTA's past partnerships with destinations. This webinar is designed for tourism board or international development agency staff interested in learning how to quantify adventure tourism’s economic impact in terms of jobs and revenues, and the components of a destination or regional adventure tourism development strategy. Webinar participants will learn:

  • How adventure tourism has affected jobs and revenues in case study countries
  • How to apply the method for measuring economic impact from adventure tourism in several contexts
  • Components of a successful adventure tourism destination development strategy


Edmund Morris

<a href="https://www.fhi360.org/" target="_blank">FHI 360</a>/<a href="https://www.usaid.gov/" target="_blank">USAID</a>