10 February 2015

Travel Insurance: The Devil’s in the Details

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Travel insurance belongs to one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Depending on where you live and where you operate, you’ll be subject to a complex web of requirements, regulations, definitions, and categories of insurance plans for you and your guests to be aware of. This webinar aims to dispel the confusion by:

  • Highlighting the need and importance of travel insurance for travelers
  • Providing an overview of the insurance market and types of plans offered
  • Describing the basics of travel insurance regulation
  • Identifying and explaining the key components of a travel insurance policy for your guests

World Nomads offers ATTA Members an affiliate program to boost revenue while enhancing the customer experience. You’ll learn more about how this program can benefit your business. About the Presenter: Christina Margarita Tunnah is the Regional Manager of The Americas for World Nomads.  She has been with World Nomads since Spring 2009. Prior to joining World Nomads, Christina was the Director of Marketing for Lonely Planet (Americas), where she managed PR, market research, and all consumer, online and trade marketing.  Christina was also co-owner of a Berkeley-based sustainable business manufacturing a recycled glass architectural and interior design material.  Born and raised (mostly) in England, Christina is a keen world traveler, outdoor adventurer, natural hot spring seeker, and is fluent in Spanish, Mandarin and French.