8 February 2023

Understanding Nuances of New Asian Adventure Travelers

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China’s reopening on January 8, one of the last markets to lift travel restrictions and quarantines, signals that Asian adventure travelers are back on the move, and soon to reach significant volumes once more.

To help the adventure travel community understand what that means for them, the ATTA are running a one-hour panel discussion with expert guest speakers from major outbound markets: China, India and Southeast Asia, as well as a destination perspective, from Switzerland Tourism. Gergana Nikolova, ATTA’s European Regional Director, will be asking the questions that you’re burning to know the answers to!

At the end of this webinar, you will have learned:

  • How Asian adventure travelers’ expectations have changed over the last 3 years
  • Which destinations and activities are hot
  • What the differences are between Chinese and Indian adventure travelers
  • How fast we can expect Chinese travelers to return
  • How a destination can prepare for the reopening of the Asian market